FAQs about the start of the school year

Where can I get health form for my daughter’s allergies?

The nurse will be in the building starting on September 8th. You can call the school on that day to speak to the nurse regarding the health forms you are requesting. Contact: 718-274-8316 ex: 2630 or 2631.


What if I run into issues with the programs and/or applications installed on the DOE device?

In order for you to have access to the DOE Technical Tools service, and to learn from home smoothly you MUST create a NYCSchools Account. All students must register for and use their @nycstudent.net email account: Google codes and additional academic information will be emailed to this email.

What if I would like to change Cohort?

If you did not express a preference on our school survey, the student was assigned a cohort based on school capacity and social distancing regulations. If you would like to change from Cohort A to Cohort B or vice versa because of a VALID NEED i.e., a sibling is attending a different cohort, there are issues with childcare accommodations etc. we will try our best to accommodate your need; however, due to the fact we need to prioritize social distancing mandates, we can’t promise the change will happen. If you want to change from either Cohort A or Cohort B to Cohort D you can do so at any time.


Is it okay for me to wear a face shield but no mask acceptable?

Masks are mandatory for students, staff and visitors. Face shield are optional for students.


Who can I contact to update my personal contact information?

You can contact our school secretary Ms. Teresa at 718-874-8316, option 0. 


What exit door will 6th graders be entering and dismissing from the building?

Sixth graders will both enter and leave the school from exit 10 which is located on 31st Road between 21st and 23rd street.


How many students per classroom?

The class size may vary, and the average class size is 9-12 students per class. However, class size also depends on the capacity of the rooms. Large rooms will accommodate a slightly larger group. The important thing is for us to social distance inside the classrooms. 


How can we get a registration code for PupilPath? 

PupilPath registration codes will be shared after September 16th, 2020. 


How will 100% remote students get the books needed for the school year? 

Cohort D, 100% remote learning cohort, will not need books. All material will be online.


Are we having after school programs?

We are working on after school programming.


Are students in Cohort A and Cohort B receiving a MetroCard for travel?



Where can I get the supply list for 6th grade?

Please reference the PowerPoint presentation. 


When will we be informed of our schedule?

All students will receive their schedule on Thursday Sep 16, 2020.


What about transportation services?

As of September 1, 2020 we have not been provided with information regarding bussing for students. 


How are counseling sessions delivered to students?

Counseling sessions will be available virtually. Please make sure you contact to make virtual appointments. There will be no in person meetings. 


What information can you provide about school uniform?

While we are not mandating school uniforms we are encouraging students to wear them when coming to school. Also, if you are in Cohort D we are encouraging students to wear something else other than pajamas. Remember: dress for success!

If you would like to order your IS 126 Q uniform, please visit

If you need any help ordering your uniform, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Henderson, at Rhenderson@schools.nyc.gov or at 201-431-2283.


Is it okay to use our personal device for online learning, or do we have to request one from the Department of Education?

You are free to use your personal computer, and be mindful of the fact that you would need to download specific applications used for learning. The applications will be listed once school has started.


What calculator should I buy?

One option to consider is: Texas Instruments Explorer Plus MultiView 4-Line Dual Power Scientific Calculator. 


For the PBIS Rewards do we need to make an account, or do we already have one linked to our school account?

Your PBIS account will be created for you, and shared, within the first month of school. 


How do I find out about the class I will be attending?

This information will be shared on the first day of school.


Who will be my teachers?

We will share that information once school starts.



In order for you to receive an @nycstudent.net email address, you need to visit the Department of Education website at https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/learn-at-home/technical-tools-and-support/doe-student-accounts 

Directions are on the PowerPoint presentation shared during the 6th grade orientation.