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High School Admissions Information

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HS Admissions Process Part 1 Parent Workshop Presentations (English / Spanish)

Open Houses 2021-2022

Creating Your MySchools Account:

Parents: How to Create Your MySchools Accounts (Padres: Cómo Crear Su Cuenta de MySchools)


Parent Workshop on HS Admissions for 6th/7th grade families, 4/17/21:

(Taller de Padres sobre Admision de Escuelas Secundarias para families del 6to/7mo grado, 4/17/21):

Presentation in English; Presentacion en Español


11/23/21 Announcement (SHSAT Tickets)


If you/your child is registered for the optional specialized test for specialized high schools (SHSAT), your SHSAT ticket will become available to view later today. HS enrollment will send you an e-mail to alert you and instructions on viewing/downloading the ticket when it is posted later today. This email alert will go to the email address you have linked to your MySchools account.


When available, please view the test ticket to ensure that all is correct. Each student’s ticket includes their test date, arrival time, test location, and testing accommodations (if applicable). If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your designated counselor below.


Some additional key points:

*SHSAT is scheduled for Thursday, December 2nd at our school (IS 126Q)*

-Students should arrive at their school’s normal start time (8AM), unless told otherwise by their school. 

-Students who do not have extended time testing accommodations have 180 minutes to take the exam. Students in this situation will finish their exam approximately 4 hours after the arrival time on their test ticket.

-Students who have extended time testing accommodations have up to 360 minutes to take the exam, plus two 15-minute breaks. Students in this situation will finish their exam anywhere from 4 to 8 hours after their arrival time, depending on how much time the student needs to take the exam.

-Students should get lots of sleep the night before the test and eat breakfast that morning. 

-Students should pack a snack and water to bring to your testing site. Note that students will not be able to eat during the test. And don’t forget your mask! 

-Each student must complete the DOE health screening questionnaire the morning of the test, and be ready to show the results to the test site when they arrive.

-Students should bring sharpened Number 2 pencils, erasers, water, and a silent non-calculator watch to keep time. Any student may bring a highlighter, a pencil grip, a magnifying glass, or a slant board if needed.

-Students should not bring cameras or personal electronic devices such as a calculator, calculator watch, smart watch, MP3 player/iPod, tablet/iPad, or eBook reader. Cell phones must be turned off and not in use while in the building. 

-If a student gets sick at the test site, they should tell staff as soon as possible. Sick students will be sent home, and they can request a make-up test through their current school counselor. Students who miss the test due to illness should request a make-up test date through their current school counselor.

-Test preparation and practice tests are on our website.

Ms. Salcedo - JSalcedo@schools.nyc.gov; 718-274-8316 ext. 3030 (Even# classes 820/840/860/880)

Mr. Murphy- FMurphy@schools.nyc.gov; 718-274-8316 ext. 4521 (Odd# classes 810/830/850/870)

10/14/21 Announcement (MySchools Accounts & SHSAT Registration)


High school welcome letters are now available, and registration is now open for the optional Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT), the exam that determines admission to the eight testing Specialized High Schools

1. Welcome letters are in the mail to families of 8th grade students. Each personalized welcome letter includes an overview of high school admissions, including how to use the online high school directory and application system, MySchools.nyc.

2. For families who have never used MySchools before, their personalized welcome letter will help them set up their MySchools account and add their child using their unique account creation code.
3. For families who have already used MySchools in a previous year for their applicant child or a sibling, they just need to log in! They can re-set their MySchools password if needed. If a family logs into MySchools and does not see their child’s name on the Dashboard page, that’s okay--they just need their applicant child's welcome letter account creation code to ADD their child to their existing account.

1. Registration is now open for the SHSAT, and the deadline to register is November 15, 2021. Registration is not first-come first-served; all students who register by the deadline will be able to take the SHSAT. 
2. Once logged into your MySchools account (myschools.nyc), families can register their child for the SHSAT. When the family completes their SHSAT registration, they will receive a confirmation email with the registration receipt.
3. During registration, the family will indicate the student’s preference order for the eight testing Specialized High Schools. You can make changes to a student’s school preference order until the November 15 registration deadline.

4. SHSAT will be administered for registered students in our school on December 2.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your designated guidance counselor:
* Ms. Salcedo - even classes 820,840,860,880 - JSalcedo@schools.nyc.gov, 718-274-8316 ext. 3030, or
* Mr. Murphy - odd classes 810,830,850,870 - FMurphy@schools.nyc.gov, 718-274-8316 ext. 4521

10/13/21 Announcement (HS Admissions Update & SHSAT Dates)


Here is some key info/updates from the office of HS enrollment:

SHSAT Timeline:
- Welcome Letters: Starting later this week, welcome letters will become available. As of today (October 13) welcome letters are not yet available. Each student’s personalized welcome letter will include details on how to create/access their MySchools account (including account creation/PIN codes), participate in admissions, and register for the optional SHSAT.
- Registration for the optional SHSAT will open later this week, after welcome letters are available for you
- As of today (October 13), registration for the SHSAT is not yet open.
- Families will be able to register their child on their MySchools account (myschools.nyc
- Like last year, families will indicate each child’s preference order for the testing Specialized High Schools when they submit their SHSAT registration in MySchools.
- The deadline to register for the SHSAT is
November 15, 2021.

Test Dates and Locations:
- Our registered 8th grade students will test here at their current school (I.S. 126Q), if they opt to take the test, during the school day on
Thursday, December 2.

9/30/21 Announcement (Onset of HS Application process; TACHS Exam)


The High School application process that you will begin to work on (soon; mid-October) will ONLY be for NYC public high schools. This application will not include Private, Catholic, or Charter High Schools. Students who are interested in applying to Private, Catholic, and/or Charter Schools have to do this application independently. If you'd like to apply to Catholic Schools, you are required to take the TACHS exam. This letter in English and in Spanish includes important dates and information on the TACHS exam. If you have any questions please refer to their website and their contact info to get further information.

9/21/21 Announcement (Welcome to HS Admissions Process)


Welcome to the new school year and the high school admissions process! All current 8th and first-time 9th grade students who live in New York City can apply to high school and test and/or audition to apply to the Specialized High Schools during the 2021-2022 school year. In mid-October, you’ll get your child’s welcome letter soon with details on how to access your MySchools account and participate.


For students interested in any/all of the eight testing Specialized High Schools  (OPTIONAL), you may apply to these schools by registering for and then taking the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT); offers are made based on each student’s SHSAT score, their school preferences, and seat availability. Here’s what you can do as of now:

  • Prepare. Detailed test information, sample tests, and information about testing accommodations are available the DOE SHSAT website. You may also access the practice material at this link: 2022 practice test

  • Register. Registration will open in mid-October 2021. We will share specific registration dates as soon as they are available.

  • Test. All registered students will take the SHSAT in December 2021. When specific test dates and other information become available, we will send an update. 


  • When to submit your high school application

  • When and how to register for programs at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, NYC’s audition Specialized High School, which uses a separate admissions process.

  • How to audition for arts programs at high schools across the city, including LaGuardia.


High School Admissions Announcements

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2020-2021 HS Admissions Info Presentation from NYC DOE

Important High School Websites:


Still haven't picked up your senior envelope (i.e., diploma/yearbook/t-shirt,/$15 cap & gown refund, if applicable? Please call the school.


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