I.S. 126 is committed to providing a safe learning environment where all students are held accountable and reach high levels of academic achievement.  We value open communication between parents, students and teachers.  Our school fosters a spirit of lifelong learning and establishes a community of productive citizens.   We promote intellectual curiosity and creative thinking where the entire community, the arts and all the cultures are valued.

Our Mission

Our vision

Through the use of positive behavior interventions and assertive discipline we will make our students secure and safe.  In addition, by providing team building for staff, students and parents, open communication will become an integral part of our community.  Our school fosters success through exemplifying diverse life accomplishment.  Our students are provided with rigorous curricula, instruction, and assessment aligned with the Common Core State Standards while being immersed in the arts.  Professional development for parents and teachers is the means to improving instruction 

and growth for our entire community.