IS 126Q Remote Learning Plan

Welcome families!

We hope that you are all doing well during this unprecedented time. We are all here to support your learning and ensure that we move forward with the least disruption possible.


Grades will still be posted on Pupilpath, as usual. Here is a Pupilpath tutorial if you are not signed up yet.

Please remember that although we are all not at school in the physical, the expectation is that we continue learning, check our emails daily and meet all deadlines. Please feel free to reach out to your teachers at any time with any questions or concerns through Pupilpath or Google Classroom.

Families, students and teachers are encouraged to regularly visit to access the most current learning resources and important information for engaging in remote instruction.

We look forward to working with you again, students! Be safe, be kind and take care of your family and your community!

Student and Parent Checklists for Remote Learning


Student Checklist

  • I am registered on PupilPath

  • I have access to my gmail account

  • I have access to google classroom & classroom codes

  • I have viewed my schedule on Google Classroom and I know when my teachers are available

  • I have downloaded google classroom & gmail apps to my phone


Parent Checklist​

  • I am registered on PupilPath

  • I know how to contact my child's teachers through PupilPath

  • I have reviewed my child's online schedule/routine

  • I have check my child's grades to make sure they are doing their work.

Supports & FAQ for Staff and Students