Cell Phone Policy

We are continuing our cell phone collection policy.  Homeroom teachers will collect cell phones from our students every day.   Students will store their phones in a plastic container and zip lock bag. 


Protocols are as follows:

1.  Teachers will have the container and bags waiting for the students in the morning.

2.  The student is to write their name in the white area on the zip lock bag in permanent marker.

3.  The students should bring the phone to the container themselves.  It should not be passed up to the front or brought to you by a friend.

4.  The container will be locked up inside the classroom. 

5.  All phones will be returned to the student at the end of the day.

This is letter sent home from our Principal on this policy.


Uniform Policy

·     We are still a uniform school.

·     School uniforms are sold and picked up in Room 113.  Uniform order forms can also be picked up there.

·     All shirts are $15 for one and a discount of $25 for two.

·     Since the shirts are required to be worn every day, we strongly suggest that you purchase multiple shirts.

·     Gym shirts are on sale for $8, gym shorts and sweats are on sale for $12.

·     We will also be calling homes of students who are not wearing a uniform.

·     If you have a concern about purchasing shirts for your child, you can speak to Ms. Henderson.

Outerwear & Locker Policy

This is letter sent home from our Principal on this policy.

School Safety and Intermittent Scanning Policy

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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy