Gifted & Talented Program

Program Philosophy

The mission of the Gifted and Talented program at I.S. 126 is to provide students with an optimal and unparalleled education. It is the priority of our school to fulfill the needs, interests, talents, and proficiency levels of all of our student population. This program aims to fulfill the distinct academic and social needs to those students who display giftedness. Generally, gifted and talented students possess the ability to perform at a higher level than their specified grade level; so this program offers a specialized, compacted, and academically rigorous curriculum, enrichment programming, and a multitude of diverse individualized opportunities for learning and personal growth. The gifted curriculum and programming offers opportunities for students to intellectually flourish, and cultivate their critical-thinking, analytical, and creative expressions. It also provides opportunities to display leadership, citizenship, and community service.

Maintaining Eligibility in the Gifted Program

Students must maintain high grades and excellent behavior to stay in the program.

Curriculum and Programming

Gifted curriculum challenges students. Students will be placed in classes that stress problem-solving and critical thinking.


The math curriculum provides an interactive approach to all topics aligned to state standards. Students learn by solving real-world problems.


Students learn about physics, chemistry, and biology. Instruction involves student-centered projects and experiments. At the end of the year, students conduct a science experiment that is entered in the school-wide science fair.

English Literature/Language Arts

The English Language Arts curriculum and instruction focuses on above-level texts. These complex texts contain advanced vocabulary. The texts prepare students for what they will encounter in high school classes. Students are taught to edit their own work and their peers’ work. They write editorials, short stories, poetry, memoirs, and responses to literature.

Social Studies

In social studies, students learn about geography, culture, and history. Students learn about the Western Hemisphere and ancient civilizations. Students make projects and are encouraged to work in groups.

Art & Technology

Gifted and talented students take at least one arts or enrichment class each year. Students take visual art, computers, Spanish, drama, and music at IS 126.