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This year we will be using The Grading, Attendance, and Messaging Application, or GAMA as a way to stay connected with our families. Read the  GAMA Introduction Letter to get started!

We will conduct our Parent Teacher Conferences virtually through Teacher Reacher; use the Teacher Reacher Parent Tutorial to get started

I.S. 126 Wildcats Wellness Committee

The goal of the Wellness Committee is to create an environment of harmony where well-being takes center stage. The team works monthly to put together a newsletter full of valuable insights, tips, and resources to support your journey to a healthier and more balanced life.

The members of the Wellness Committee are Ms. Roll, Ms. Cruz, Mr. Mocka, Ms. Parra, Ms. Larino, Ms. Hermann, Ms.Georgescu and Ms.Ebhomielen. 

School Announcements

  • Congratulations to Ms. Roll! 2024 Big Apple Award Winner!

    The Big Apple Awards recognize and celebrate New York City teachers who:

    • Inspire students to be their best selves, dream, and advocate for their future
    • Model equitable learning with high expectations for the diverse and dynamic needs of all students
    • Affirm students’ identities, unique gifts, and genius
    • Enrich their school communities by partnering with families, community members, and community-based organizations

    By honoring these teachers, we recognize all those who go above and beyond to serve our students and families!

    We are so lucky to have Ms. Roll as part of our school community; this award is well deserved. 

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • PTA School Carnival

    On Thursday, May 23, the PTA is hosting the third annual School Carnival  - check out the carnival flyer here for more information! 

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • Multi Cultural Festival!

    The Multi Cultural Festival is May 30th! 

    Students and invited guests from other schools will be in attendance during the school day. 

    Parents and Families are invited to the evening festival from 5 pm - 8 pm. 

    This year's theme is Unity in Diversity 

    It is going to be a fantastic time - don't miss out! 

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • Register for Parent Teacher Conferences

    This is a virtual event: May 16, 2024 5-8 pm. 

    Registration is currently open!
    Go to
    LOG IN or SIGN UP for an account
    Parents are given the choice, when registering, as to a phone conference or a video conference.
    Each meeting has been set for 5- minute intervals.

    On Conference Day:
    Go To Schedules - PTC (Parent Teacher Conferences)
    You will see the list of the appointments you are scheduled for.
    Click the link in the appointment box to join the conference or wait for the teacher’s phone call at the scheduled time.

    Families must register on teacher reacher to set up appointments. Contact Ms. Jessica, Parent Coordinator, for assistance. 

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • We Need Your Vote!

    Zone 126 is up for a Mentoring Award as part of the larger NYC Public Schools that specifically includes IS 126Q! It is super simple and takes one minute!
    We need lots of votes to win this award and as of today we are only in 3rd place. It only takes a minute and is simple to do, follow the steps given below:
    Scroll to Vote Now (don't scroll too far as its right at the top)
    Click Vote Now Scroll to New York City Public Schools' Success Mentors Click on New York City Public Schools' Success Mentors Scroll down enter your email address
    Hit Submit
    You are done.
    The site does not collect your email addresses to be stored, so you won't be spammed with emails.
    Your support would be greatly appreciated!
    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • Bake Sale!

    The PTA will be hosting a lunchtime bake sale on Friday, May 3!

    Proceeds will go to the school carnival; items start at $2 - see the attached flyer for more information. 

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10)

    Teachers create environments that foster learning, growth, and development, and they do it with compassion, creativity, and a genuine love for our students. Our teachers' work goes far beyond the classroom. They collaborate with families, engage with communities, and provide the kind of mentorship and guidance that will shape our students' lives for years to come. Teachers inspire our children to be curious, confident, and passionate about their dreams.

    Join us this week to thank New York City’s teachers.

    Use the DOE All-Stars tool to express appreciation to the teachers who are making a difference in your life.

    You can share your gratitude on social media using the hashtag #ThankaTeacherNYC.

    Chancellor David C. Banks message for Teacher Appreciation Week

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • Come to our Open Classrooms!

    Tuesday April 9 from 8:30-10:30 we invite you into our classrooms! 

    Questions: Contact Jessica Pineda, Parent Coordinator 718-274-8316 ext.1130

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • School Survey

    Parent Surveys were given out and are due by April 5, you can also fill the survey out online

    You can find more information about the survey here

    Families can also access the survey by logging into their NYC Schools Account

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
  • 126 Day!

    There will be lots of different school spirit oriented activities throughout the day to celebrate our school - I.S. 126 ! 

    Dress to impress and WIN the school spirit costume contest on Monday March 25, 2024 ! 

    I.S. 126 The Albert Shanker Community School
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